Two Component Waterproof Coating

It is also known as Water Guard 2K. Polymer modified two part heavy duty waterproof coating.

A two component modified acrylic polymer based cementitious waterproof coating system, which on mixing and hardening provides excellent water resistant barrier. It offers excellent resistance to both positive and negative pressures.



Areas Of Application:

  • Excellent as a waterproof coating for bathrooms, kitchen sinks, balconies etc.
  • Ideal as a coating for waterproofing of chhajjas, canopies, terraces etc.
  • As waterproof coating on internal sides of domestic water tanks
  • Good for waterproofing of sloped roofs

Features & Benefits:

  • Elastomeric – elastomeric flexible coating that accommodate cracks up to 2 mm with an elasticity of 40-50%
  • Low water permeability – Excellent resistance to ingress of water
  • Adhesion – excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces
  • Eco-friendly – Non-toxic with low VOC content
  • CFTRI certified – as a “potable water safe” coating for waterproofing of water tanks

Packaging: 15 kgs. (10 kgs. Powder + 5 liters Liquid)

Coverage: As a waterproofing coating: 80 – 100 sq. ft. / pack in 2 coats