Zinc Anode

Zinc Anodes (Corro Guard B)

Zinc Anode (Corro guard -B) are the anodes used in concrete to prevent further corrosion. Anodes are surrounded by Alkali activated mortars once installed or fastened to the reinforcement steel zinc core corrodes & protects the reinforcement steel.

Uses of Zinc Anodes:

  • New and old Structures.
  • Can be used in bridges , Jetties.
  • Can be used in Residential buildings.
  • Can be used in Chimneys.
  • In all types of Industries.

Advantages of Zinc Anodes :

  • Provides corrosion protection.
  • Easy to install,anode can be easily fastened to the reinforcement steel.
  • It doesn’t require external power source.
  • Performance can be easily monitored.
  • It is long-lasting for 10-20 years & reduces the future repairs.