Crack Guard Paste

An acrylic polymer based white crack filler made acrylic emulsion polymer, property selected graded fillers, light fast pigment & additives. It provides a strong bond with flexibilty which accommodates the cracks in the plaster and provides a water resistant surface with aesthetic appearance.


Areas Of Application:

  • For Internal crack repairs
  • For external crack repairs upto 5 mm in width
  • For hair line cracks in painted surfaces that result in internal water leakage


  • Excellent adhesion to most building substrates
  • Improves flexural, tensile, and thin section fragility of cementitious systems
  • Allows breathing, thus preventing peeling and scaling
  • Consistency – Paste form, without sagging
  • Ease of application – Easy to apply by putty knife similar to conventional putties

Packaging: 1 kg, 5 kgs

Dosage: 1 kg CRACK GUARD PASTE covers 100 running feet of cracks of less
than 5 mm