Block Jointing Mortar


A polymer modified pre-mixed, easy to apply, high quality block joining mortar. Specifically designed to provide strength and adhesion to walls constructed by AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks etc. It is known as Blockfix Guard.


Areas Of Application:

  • As a block jointing mortar for internal and external walls of AAC Blocks, Concrete Blocks and Fly Ash bricks


  • Thinner jointing with high adhesion gives better quality and output of overall masonry work
  • Factory made product with consistent quality
  • No water curing is required at site
  • Ready to use, only clean water to be added at site
  • Better bond than conventional cement based mortar

Packaging: 25 kgs in moisture-resistant bags

Coverage: 100 – 110 sq. ft. @ 3 mm thickness for the block of size 600 x 200×150 mm