Low Viscosity Epoxy Injection Grout

GROUTGUARD-EPOX-LV (Low Viscosity Epoxy Injection Grout)

Low Viscosity Epoxy Injection Grout It is a low viscosity epoxy resin system comprising of RESIN: GROUTGUARD-EPOX-B-LV and HARDNER: GROUTGUARD-EPOXH-LV. This System has an excellent bond with the concrete structures and it can penetrate into the finer cracks present in the concrete.


Areas Of Application of Low Viscosity Epoxy Injection Grout:

  •  As an injection resin with good adhesion to dry concrete, mortar, stone.
  •    Grout Guard-Epox-LV is used to fill and seal voids and cracks in structures
    such as bridges, columns, beams of industrial and residential buildings
  •    Used as injection for deteriorated concrete structures like beams and columns
    for strength and durability.
  •    Grouting for honeycombs gives strength and durability.

Features & Benefits of Low Viscosity Epoxy Injection Grout:

  •  Creates Good bond between structural elements.
  •     As it is low viscous can be injected into finer cracks also.
  •     Usable at low temperatures.
  •     High mechanical and adhesive strengths

Packaging: 20 kg, 50 kgs