Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

A single component, modified polyurethane, liquid applied coating that is composed of specially developed polymers, properly selected and graded fillers. It cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to give a tough elastomeric waterproof membrane.


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Areas Of Application:

  • Foundations, basements & lift pits
  • Terrace Gardens
  • Sunk portion of bathrooms, toilets, balconies, etc.
  • Car Decks, Podiums
  • Sewage Works & Sunken portions

Features & Benefits:

  • Cold curing, cures to a tough, flexible and abrasion resistant coating
  • Bonds strongly on cement concrete, asbestos, mild steel, cement plastered applied surfaces
  • Thermal stability – Irreversible chemical cure eliminates melting and flow at high temperature
  • High elasticity – Cures to give a permanently flexible resilient barrier for water over a wide range of temperatures
  • High chemical resistance – Excellent protection against corrosive soil conditions, resistance against saline water, mild acids and alkalies, high suphate resistance

Packaging: 5 kgs, 25 kgs

Coverage: As a waterproofing coating: 25 – 35 sq. ft. / kg in 2 coats