Heat Reflective Paint

Heat Reflective paint or Heat reflective roof paint contains highest quality of Resins combined with insulating and reflective fillers. It is a bright white elastomeric coating having high reflectivity to sun rays, hence keeping Interiors cool during hot summer months. It is suitable for use on all types of horizontal and vertical surfaces. Water based and ecofriendly coating. It is called as Heat Guard.

Advantages of Heat Reflective Paint:
Reflects and reduce the Heat of sun rays. UV protection characteristic. Keeps interiors cool-lesser energy costs. Greatly reduces thermal load on the surface. Waterproofs masonry surface. Good adhesion to almost all surfaces like Concrete, Tin sheet, A.C.sheets etc. High temperature resistance will not crack, peel or spall. Prevents growth of fungus, algae, mildew etc. Single component easy to use.

Installation of Heat Reflective Paint:
Open the container and stir well. Apply by brush, roller or spray. Apply two or three coats. Maintain a minimum interval of 4-6 hours between successive coats.

Depends on the nature of the surface and number of coats. 10-12 sq/mtr/coat on smooth surface.

Surface Preparation & Cleaning:
Clean the surface to remove dirt, loose particles, flaking paint, etc. In case of steel surfaces, remove all scales, rust and grease. Examine the surface closely for any cracks or openings. Fill cracks with Crack Filling Material.


Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

First Aid Measures:
Skin contact: Wash immediately with soap and water thoroughly.

Move to open air.

Contact With Eyes:
Wash immediately under running water.