Form Release Guard

Form release Guard is ready to use low viscous mineral oil based release agent. Ready to use De-shuttering oil. Form release guard is specially formulated blend of mineral oil and chemicals having release properties which are superior to those of conventional mould oil.


  • The chemicals react with the alkali in the concrete to form a thin water repellent skin on the surface of the mould, thereby enabling easy striping from concrete and acting as a protection to steel and wooden form work
  • Forms stable thin film when dried up and not disturbed by water jet
  • Clean, fast and easy stripping of form work
  • Minimises cleaning of shutters before re-use
  • Extended life of form work
  • Reduces stains of the Concrete and gives air-hole free fair-faced concrete
  • High coverage, Does not corrode steel, Ideal for Aluminium form work


  • It can be used on shutterings to obtain clean and smooth concrete surface and it’s use facilitates fast & easy removal and cleaning of all types of shuttering material like: 1. Steel form work 2. Plastic form work 3. Timber form work 4. Aluminium form work

Packaging: 20 ltrs and 200 ltrs

Coverage: 1 litre covers 200 – 600 sq. ft. (Depends on type of form work)