Hackplast Guard


Bonding agent to aid the bonding of plaster on New/ old concrete. It is called as Hackplast Guard.




Areas Of Application:

  • HACKPLAST GUARD is an acrylic polymer based bonding agent designed to act for better bonding qualities of plastering on old/new concrete. It aids in minimizing the hacking process and also giving better bond strength with high design concrete. It also helps in reducing the shrinkage cracks if used in the mortar mix


  • Excellent adhesion to most building substrates
  • Improves the bond strength between plaster and concrete surface
  • Concrete can be plastered with minimum hacking thus saving labor costs
  • Ideal bonding agent for high strength concrete where normal plastering is not possible
  • Improves flexural, tensile and thin section fragility of cementitious systems
  • Self-curing

Packaging: 1 kg, 5 kgs, 20 kgs and 200 kgs