Elastomeric paint

elastomeric paintElastomeric paint , Elastomeric coating or Rainguard is an Elastomeric polymer with the property of viscoelasticity (elasticity), generally having notably low youngs modulues and high yield strain compared with other materials. This is an elastomeric exterior paint or elastomeric roof coating. We are the one of manufacturer of Elastomeric coating paint.  Rainguard is an acrylic based exterior elastomeric waterproof decorative coating. Rainguard is an elastomeric paint has excellent flexibility, breathing properties, water resistance, crack bridging properties, weathering durability, and excellent resistance to growth of microbial organisms.  


Application of Elastomeric Paint or Elastomeric Coating :
* Residential and Commercial Buildings.
* Multi storey car parks & podiums.
* Overhead water tanks.
* Industrial buildings & power plants.
* Chimney.
* Bridges.

Advantages of Elastomeric Paint or Elastomeric Coating:
* Prevention from water ingress.
* Prevention from vegetation, algae, dust.
* Prevention from carbon.
* Prevention from heat, U.V.
* Very high crack bridging capacity.
* Low cost.
* Washable coating with durability.
* Good physical & chemical properties.

Each pack of 1kg is sufficient for an area of 45 – 50 sq.ft, to achieve
recommended thickness of 200 to 250 microns.

Installation of Elastomeric Paint or Elastomeric Coating:
All surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and redo loose and deboned plaster
Cracks are to be filled from crack filler material.
Before application, any loose adhered coating must be removed.
Prime the surface with RAINGUARD Primer.
Dilution for 1st coat 40% & for 2nd coat 25% (by volume) with water.
Containers should not be left opened for extended periods of time.
Brush: Good quality synthetic bristle brush.
Roller: Short nap roller.
Clean Up: Water.