Paver Lacquer

Paver Lacquer or paver sealer is a ready to use lacquer sealer coat. It is called as Paver Guard. Applied with spray gun or foam sponge. Used as a lacquer polish for paver block, interlocking tiles and chequered tiles.



Uses Paver Sealer (Paver Lacquer):

  • Paver Blocks
  • Tiles
  • Stamped Concrete

Advantages of Paver Sealer (Paver Lacquer):

  • Highly Glossed
  • Protective sheet against harsh conditions
  • High build
  • Dust resistant
  • Excellent durability

Appearance (Color) Paver Sealer (Paver Lacquer) :
Clear transparent & glossy

Packaging: 20 ltrs, 50 ltrs and 200 ltrs

Coverage: 1 liter PAVER GUARD covers 60 – 80 sq. ft. (Depends on Type of SUBSTRATE)

Lacquer polish for paver blocks are coatings which gives extra gloss and durability.
Paver Block Lacquer is high resistant coating for abrasion, gives durable coating.
Paver Block Lacquer Polish is the coating which is cost competitive than other coatings.
Lacquer Coating for Paver Blocks is widely used glossy finish coating for paver blocks, Lacquer Coating for Paver Blocks are easy to apply and fast drying gives less dust accumulation, enhances the gloss.

Paver Lacquer or paver sealers are ready to lacquer sealers can be applied by spray gun or foam sponge.