Repair Mortar

A general purpose non-shrink, cementitious, trowel applied single pack repair mortar for repairs to concrete sections & plastered surfaces. Concrete Repair mortar is composed of good quality cement, properly selected aggregates & additives. It is used & designed for repairing of damaged reinforced concrete elements like columns, beams & structures.


Areas Of Application :

  • Repair of damaged reinforced concrete elements like beams, columns, wall, etc. where access is restricted and compaction is not possible
  • For Jacketing of RCC columns to increase load-taking capacity (strengthening of a vertical members)

Advantages of Concrete Repair Mortar:

  • Shrinkage compensation – Controlled expansion system which compensates for shrinkage and settlement in the plastic state
  • Strength – Develops high initial and ultimate compressive strength
  • Moisture resistant – Offers excellent resistance to moisture ingress
  • Durablity – Makes repaired sections highly durable & compatible to parent concrete
Polymer modified mortar also requires less water compared to traditional mortar which results in a more dense mortar with fewer pores.
Polymer mortar enhances the compression as well as flexural strength compared to conventional mortars.
The bending strength of Polymer Modified Cement Mortar is increased by the action of soft polymer particles in the hardened body.
The Polymer Cement Mortar is the ready to use mortar just to add water and apply, saves the time and increases the strength.
The polymer modified mortar price is competitive, easy to apply.

Packaging: 25 kg in moisture-resistant bags

Coverage/Yield: 3.5 to 4 liters in one bag.