Grout Aid Guard

Used as a cementitious grout additive where a low water/ cement ratio and a medium expansion are required. Grout aid guard gives controlled expansion to avoid excess pressure built up but sufficient pressure is developed to provide complete contact of the grout with the bearing surfaces, without voids.

Areas Of Application:

  • Bed grouting, non-shrink in filling and jointing, joint filling between pre-cast concrete units, grouting of voids in structural members, grouting of pipe joint and normal repair work where shrinkage must be avoided


  • Improved fluidity
  • Increased cohesion
  • Volume expansion in the wet state to develop non-shrink property
  • Chloride free – does not attack reinforcement or prestressed cables.
  • Non-shrink property ensures retention of original volume.
  • Reduced water/cement ratio ensures low permeability and long term performance in service
  • High compressive strength in the range of 40N/mm 2 after 28 days, when using good OPC.
  • Facilitates the production of a cohesive grout

Dosage: 330 gms. Per 50 kgs. of cement