Foaming Agent

  First it is to diluted in water and then foam is produced in a concrete foam generator with compressed air. It is known as Foam Guard.


Product Description:

Constr ochem India is the manufacturer of synthetic based clc foaming agent concentrate, used to make the light concrete or foam concrete. First it is to diluted in water and then foam is produced in a concrete foam generator with compressed air. Foam produced has very fine and stable high quality foam. Stability and density depend on dilution & settings of the foam generator.

Our synthetic based clc foaming agent gives high stability of the foam, successfully with standing the conditions when mixing, conveying (pump-able), pouring, casting and during the setting and hydration process. The foam causes no chemical reaction in the concrete but it acts as a binding for the air entrapped.

Applications of Foaming Agent

for foamed concrete blocks, panels, slabs, void filling, thermal insulation etc production. Various foam concrete density can be produced (250-1400 kg/m3)

Specific Gravity: 1.0-1.05.
pH: > 7.5
Foam density: 50-60gm

Preferable 53 Grade (OPC)
For PPC Cement % of cement content will be more.

Need Industrial softer for Hard Water

Advantages of Foaming Agent
Entrain air
Increases yield
Highly Mobile material.

Physical appearance: Light Yellow Translucent liquid.

Applications of CLC foaming agent:
Cellular Light Weight Concrete Blocks
Light Weight Walls.
Trench Fill.

Dosage may vary depending upon mix design, process, aggregate type and the desired effect, however typically 1liter of Foam Guard per 25-30liter of water, with help of the foam generating equipment low density concrete can be achieved, when foam generating equipment is used, prepare solution of 1 liter Foam Guard in 25-30 ltr of water, depending on type of foam generator. 50-60 gm foam density can be achieved. It shows best result in CLC Bricks. In case of hard water, a higher dosage maybe required.

Storage & Self Life:
12 months from date of manufacturing if stored properly in undamaged unopened, original sealed packaging, in dry conditions. Protect from direct sunlight and frost.

Normal care should be taken as it is non hazardous product.

220kg drums/50kg/30kg.

Foaming Agent for Concrete is foam produced from the chemical reactions, which forms the cellular structure in the concrete.
Constro chem India is the manufacturer of synthetic based clc foaming agent concentrate, used to make the light concrete or foam concrete.
Constro Chem India is the manufacturer of foaming agent for lightweight concrete.
Foaming Agent for CLC Bricks is to be diluted in water and then foam is produced in a concrete foam generator with compressed air. Foam produced has very fine and stable high quality foam.
Foaming Agent For CLC Blocks is high quality, produces fine and durable air bubbles.
Foaming agent for light weight concrete price is competitive.