Anti Carbonation Coating

Anti Carbonation Paint or Anti carbonation coating is a single component 100% pure acrylic based one part elastomeric coating based on acrylic dispersion with excellent crackbridging. It is called Carbonation Guard.

Areas Of Application (Anti Carbonation Paint):

  • Protection and enhancement of concrete structures (normal and lightweight concrete), especially exposed concrete surfaces with a risk of cracking to prevent it from atmospheric gases and chlorides
  • With concrete repair, works as an elastic protective top coating on Repair Guard ready mix polymer mortar

Features & Benefits of Anti Carbonation Paint or Anti carbonation coating:

  • Crack-bridging even at low temperatures
  • High diffusion resistance against CO2 reducing the rate of carbonation
  • Water vapor permeable
  • Very good resistance against weathering and ageing
  • Preventive protection for new reinforced concrete structures exposed to aggressive environments

Packaging: 5 kgs and 25 kgs

Coverage: 35 to 40 sq. ft./kg./ 2 coats